The Purple Avengers first emerged from their parents' garages at the beginning of the 90's in Brisbane, Australia - a hilly, hot, sprawling town famous now as a rock star breeding ground for bands of international renown. Sadly in a commercial sense the Purple Avengers weren't really one of them - although to the disparate diaspora of psychedelic, garage pop, and progressive rock music lovers around the globe these guys must be rated as giants of the genre. So if you already know and love the band, or if you just count yourself as a fan of any of the above then please dive right in and dig this site - the definitive aural and visual dissertation on the fabulous Purple Avengers.

Below , the Purple Avengers circa 1993 - photographed for the inside cover of the Emma Peel Sessions EP released that year. Clockwise from the front - singer/guitarist Karl Nielsen, bass player Jack Mulroney, keyboardist Richard Marshall, and drummer Garth Cooke.

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"This country's swirling psycho-maestros"

Juke Magazine

"Wigged out psychedelia 90's style"        

                    Richard Kingsmill Triple J

"They do it rather well"                         

 Rolling Stone

From their earliest days gigging in east coast hostelries, and particularly since the release of their debut album Starlight's Journey Home, the Purple Avengers have warmed the aural cockles of many a psych groover with a potent blend of ripsnorting riffwork, trippy organ ambience and tight, hyperactive rythmns. Less well known than they really should have been - in the words of one music scribe the Avengers "bypassed popularity and went straight to cult status" - the band nevertheless continues to have an impact on discerning listeners scattered around the planet.

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This website is predicated on the basis that you don't have to have sold a zillion records to be worth talking about and here you'll find out pretty much all you'll ever need to know about the Purple Avengers. From this homepage the link below will take you to a discography with individual links to each of the Avengers' four CD releases. Each CD page contains its own little story and some MP3s of selected Avenger tunes for your listening pleasure.

If all or any of this grabs your fancy you can even place a record order at the discography or email any helpful (or utterly rude) comments and suggestions.

Anyway enough purple small talk - just sit back......relax.........and enjoy