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The Purple Avengers first emerged from their parents' garages at the beginning of the 90's in Brisbane, Australia - a hilly, hot, sprawling town famous now as a rock star breeding ground for bands of international renown. Although in a commercial sense the Purple Avengers weren't really one of them, to the disparate diaspora of psychedelic, garage pop, and progressive rock music lovers around the globe these guys must be rated as giants of the genre.


So if you already know and love the band, or if you just count yourself as a fan of any of the above then please dive right in and dig this site - the definitive aural and visual dissertation on the fabulous Purple Avengers.


Above, the Purple Avengers circa 1993 - photographed for the inside cover of the Emma Peel Sessions EP released that year. Clockwise from the front - singer/guitarist Karl Nielsen, bass player Jack Mulroney, keyboardist Richard Marshall, and drummer Garth Cooke.

NEW ALBUM: Let the Compass Sink
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